Screenshot after Springwood Marine website upgrade

Springwood Marine website upgrade

Springwood Marine owner Gus Veness recently called Website Quick Fix in to discuss a website upgrade and other marketing ideas. His firm specialises in outboard motor sales and repairs and boat repairs and fit-ups and he wanted to get more customers.

Our first idea was the firm’s one-page website should move to a different platform with new content. When Website Quick Fix team members Allan Jackson and Hazel Key spoke to Gus we realised there were a number of other urgent things to do.

We proposed a website upgrade to improve its look and update the service and product listings. Team biographies and photos needed updating to reflect their more than 100 years of experience in outboard motors and repairing and upgrading boats.

The firm’s other need was it has two Google My Business listings and had lost control of both after a recent change of ownership. Nobody knew who had originally registered them but we agreed to try reclaiming them and updating business details and photography.

Dealing with Google is not that easy but we reclaimed both listings. A listing on Google Search and Maps seems highly effective and well worth the pain of trying to communicate with the search giant.

Springwood Marine’s website upgrade went live about two weeks ago. Gus reported the business had already won two large jobs off of his shiny new website.

That just confirmed our view that the website had been receiving a fair amount of traffic but that it hadn’t been converting visitors to buyers very well. The Website Quick Fix team were very pleased with the Springwood Marine website and look forward to adding to it in future.

Services additional to website upgrade:

  • Team interviews and photography
  • Showroom and workshop photography
Team photo for Springwood Marine website upgrade
The team at Springwood Marine are, from left, Glenn Sinclair, Paul Creighton, Gus Veness, Ed Veness, JP Bechard and Arthur Butler.
  • Printed customer satisfaction survey/news letter opt-in form
  • Branded tide tables for Brisbane Bar and Gold Coast for printed and digital distribution

Tide table Produced for Springwood Marine


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